A Dental Expert Witness Can Make A Difference In A Lawsuit

A dental expert witness is a professional who is hired by either an attorney or client to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of his or her client’s lawsuit. These experts have many years of practice in dentistry, may be specialized and have often worked as one for many years. To find a dentist to evaluate the case you must find one that offers an expert witness service.

A witness of this type will be needed if a person is suing another individual for dental-related injuries. This type of witness may be involved in a dental malpractice case. A dental malpractice case involves a claim that another professional failed to perform according to accepted standard and that failure led to injuries.

The purpose of retaining a witness is to have another professional render an opinion as to whether the dental injury suffered was in fact caused by a professional in the field and/or by another injury and to provide information on the extent of the injury that was sustained.

These witnesses are hired to provide an opinion. The goal is to make a case against the wrongdoer. To begin with most of these experts provide a written opinion. The opinion is based upon information that he or she is provided by the plaintiff’s attorney. Typically, the witness will review x-rays, dental records and may even examine the subject patient. After reviewing the record, he or she will provide a written opinion to the lawyer who is handling the case. This written opinion can be used by the plaintiff’s lawyer to attempt to settle the case out of court. If the case does not settle, the written opinion will be useful in court as well. Should the case go to trial he or she may need to appear in court and give testimony? All testimony will be based upon his findings which will be noted in a written report.

An expert witness provides all the information the attorney will need to take the case on to the next level if necessary. He or she will provide information on the extent of the injury, whether or not the injury can be repaired, how the injury was caused, if it was caused by malpractice in the case of a dental malpractice claim and how the injury can be repaired. In addition, this person may also provide an estimate of how much time and money it will take to repair the damage.

Like dental expert witnesses, medical expert witness or a physician expert witness are retained by an attorney to evaluate the merits of a client’s case. Typically, medical expert witnesses are retained in a medical malpractice case or in a case where personal injuries have been sustained.

In order to prove cause and connection, a medical expert witness has to review the medical record and determine if fact the sickness, injury or death was in fact caused by medical malpractice or caused in some other manner.

In most lawsuits, courts need medical expert witnesses to provide information to the jury in a manner that is easy for the jury to understand. Typically, a witness will provide in his or her professional opinion whether or not the resultant injury, sickness or death was caused by medical malpractice or by the person being sued. He or she will typically explain to the court and jury how he arrived at his conclusion in lay terms.

Dental expert witnesses and medical expert witnesses can be found by conducting a search for expert witnesses. There are many things to consider before retaining a medical professional. Most lawyers speak to several experts before retaining one. Lawyers will take the person’s background into consideration. How long has he or she been in practice, what type of experience does he or she have and how long has he or she been providing services.

If suing for medical or dental malpractice or personal injuries sustained in some other manner, you will probably need the assistance of an expert. It is good to retain the services of a professional in the field as early in the case as possible, so a proper evaluation can be made. Experts play a very important role in any case where personal injuries have been sustained.  Selecting the right type of doctor or dentist with the right background should be a top priority for anyone who is commencing a lawsuit.

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