Legal Answering Services As A Supplemental Service

There are many reasons that a business owner would utilize a virtual receptionist service over an in-house provider, their versatility, their cost, their ability to quickly adapt. There are, however, many situations where having an in-house receptionist is more advantageous or even necessary.

Maybe you run a marketing firm where having that warm smile greeting your clients is an important part of your business, or maybe you have a medical office where the greeting of patient, and collection of patient information is vital to the operation of the office. Have you considered, though, the many advantages of using a virtual receptionist service provider as a supplemental provider?

Virtual receptionist service providers stand ready to act as back up for spillover during regular business hours. This can free up your in-house receptionists time to focus on other tasks. Perhaps more popular is using these service providers to cover after hours and weekend calls. Did you know that 75% of new client callers will hang up and call someone else if their call goes to voicemail? Having a reliable, professional, and cost effective service there to handle these calls whenever they come in can not only help grow your businesses but give you a permanent reputation of “always being available.”

In addition to just call management these providers can also be used to schedule appointment, outbound calls to confirm appointments, email account management, live chat services, voice mail to email, texting, find me-follow me, and much more all at the fraction of the cost of your in-house service.

Many of these virtual receptionist service providers allow you to conduct detailed training to the receptionists so that you can feel comfortable knowing that the services are being provided professionally. This attention to training and details is what allows these companies to provide highly professional level of service. In Addition many of these service providers provide back office tools and reporting systems that allow the client to receive call records and reports as well as make real time changes to their account providing you continued control over how your business is being represented.

Maybe your current staff is overwhelmed, maybe in the past you thought these services couldn’t handle your needs, maybe you are just hearing about these services for the first time, whatever your current receptionist needs may be in may time to consider a live receptionist service provider as a viable solution for your business

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